7 Astonishing Pictures of Houses That Smaller Than Bedroom

7 Astonishing Pictures of Houses That Smaller Than Bedroom. Finding houses that smaller than bedrooms seem quite impossible. You must be thinking how come someone lives in such small and cramped place. Well, it is not actually impossible at all. Below, you will see the evidences that there are actually houses with smaller size than a bedroom.

Averagely, the size of a bedroom is 200 square feet. However, these houses you are about to see below are less than 200 square feet and they are completely livable. They are the evidences that small and crowded place can still be a nice place to live.

7 Astonishing Pictures of Houses That Smaller Than Bedroom

Below is more information about the houses that smaller than bedrooms for you.

1. Bernadette’s Tiny House in Maryland

This yellow-colored house belongs to Bernadette, who lives in Maryland. It is only 172 square feet in total. It is very small indeed but as you take a look in the inside, you can see that this house is actually a very nice place. Inside, you can see cozy sofa with pillows, kitchen counter on the back, and quite a nice decoration overall. You can also see that the wooden floor and wooden wall give a nice rustic feel to the tiny space.


2. Lina’s Tiny house in Oregon

This unique and dome-like house belongs to Lina who resides in Oregon. The house is extremely tiny with only 100 square feet in size. Stepping inside the house, you can see that Lina did a great job managing the small space. You can see she used almost every inch of the house to be useful. Take a look at the ceiling. There you can even see that Lina made a small attic where she keeps her luggage and bags.

3. Art’s Tiny House in Louisiana

This tiny moving house belongs to Art. Basically he can drive his car anywhere he wants but now he parks his house behind his rock climbing gym, which is in Louisiana. His tiny house is only 117 square feet in size. Inside, you can see that the house is very cozy with wooden wall and floor. Art decorates his house with simplicity so that his house looks comfortable.


4. Brittany’s Tiny House in Washington

When she was traveling aboard, Brittany saw people living in tiny space. Back home in Washington, she then built her own tiny house. The house is only 130 square feet in size and has wheels on it so that it can move around. However, inside this yellow house, you can see some amazingly comfortable decorations and furniture arrangements. This house even has attic bedroom to give you some good night sleep.


5. Vina’s Tiny House in California

In California, living in tiny space is a little bit odd. However, Vina does not seem to care about it. She is currently living in a 140 square feet house. The house is incredibly beautiful and unique. It has rustic look and wooden furniture everywhere. Tina decorates the house even with handmade canopy and porch so that she can spent the leisure time there.


6. John’s Tiny House Slash Fire Truck

If you think that tiny house is something you have to build from scratch, you are completely wrong. Look at John and his tiny house. Yes, John’s tiny house is a fire truck. This old fire truck is renovated by John to be his own tiny house. The house is absolutely less than 100 square feet and inside, it is a little bit cramped but John managed to get it done.


7. Laura and Matt’s Tiny House in North California

Living with your significant other in a tiny house sounds to be impossible. However, it is not a problem at all for Laura and Matt. Both of them are living together in a 120 square feet house in North Carolina. This Houses that smaller than bedroom house looks amazing from the outside and the inside. It is decorated so well so that you can still see space inside the tiny house.

Houses that smaller than bedroom
Houses that smaller than bedroom


Those are the pictures of several houses that smaller than bedrooms. They are truly amazing. If you want to build one or if you just want to build a regular house or building in Jakarta, you should contact Nikifour. Nikifour is one of the best contractors in Jakarta that you can depend on. Everyone at Nikifour is professionals and you can get a great deal of satisfaction with Nikifour.

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