4 Facts about Unplugged Kingsize Megaphones

4 Facts about Unplugged Kingsize Megaphones. People might think that construction will always be something associated to the residential or commercial project. Nevertheless, people can find the impressive structure although it is not used for residential or commercial purpose. Unplugged Kingsize Megaphones become the impressive structure which can make everyone amazed.

Unplugged Kingsize Megaphones

If people want to build construction which can make people amazed no matter the purpose and the material, Nikifour will be the best contractor which can help anyone to make their dream construction comes true especially in KIIC, Suryacipta, Jababeka. Let’s find out further about the facts of amazing construction which can be found in the middle of the forest.

Unplugged Kingsize Megaphones

1. Constructed by Interior Architecture Students Group

People can find various kinds of great architectural building which were created by famous architect. However, we can make sure that every architect started from student. In fact, there are several students who were involved in the creation of impressive construction named Unplugged Kingsize Megaphones.

Unplugged Kingsize Megaphones

This construction was constructed by the interior architecture students group from Estonian Academy of Arts. The installation of massive megaphone is in the forested site near Latvian border particularly in the Pahni Nature Center. The building process was not done on the site after all.

The students built the structures off site in Tallinn. After the building process was completed, three megaphones structure were transported to the location.

Unplugged Kingsize Megaphones

2. Listening to the Forest Sound

The main idea for building the megaphone was for hearing the forest sound better. One thing for sure, this purpose could not be achieved with the megaphone structure design only. The positioning of the megaphones should also be considered. They were located around the small clearing.

Unplugged Kingsize Megaphones

This way, the megaphones can create bandstand for the sounds that are produced within the forest. People can try to stand at the installation center. At this position, they will be able to hear the sounds which are fed from the three directions. There will be surround sound effect which is merged and unique. People can really feel very close to the nature because they cannot only see it.

They can also hear the sound of the forest better. This can be the real relaxation which people can find for sure. When they usually can experience the surround sound effect with their home theater or in the real theater, they can enjoy it in the middle of the forest. Epic!

Unplugged Kingsize Megaphones

3. Lounging Spot

People usually think that megaphone is just kind of tool. However, people cannot think like this when they are talking about the Unplugged Kingsize Megaphones. It is not only kind of tool which is used for helping people hear the sound louder. It is basically a construction which is designed with certain purpose. The first purpose is for the forest sound hearing. There is still another purpose which is carried by this construction after all. People can see the measurement of the construction.

The widest point of the megaphone comes with three meters size in diameters. From this fact, people surely can make conclusion that each megaphone structure actually can also be used for longing spot. It is large enough for affording several people at once. It means that people cannot only get its function as the forest megaphone but they can also get its function as shelter.

People can come to this place because they want to experience something unique but they still need place to hide when the rain fall for instance. Because of this, people have to admit that the construction design is impressive.

Unplugged Kingsize Megaphones

4. Contemporary Architectural Space and Wild Nature Combination

When people are talking about contemporary architectural space, they have to go to the modern area to see the structure with this style. When people are talking about the wild nature, they have to go to a place which is completely opposite to the common place for seeing the contemporary architectural space.

They have to go to a place which is pretty far from the modern civilization. However, different thing can be found with the installation of the megaphones.

Unplugged Kingsize Megaphones

People get the great opportunity for experiencing the combination of wild nature and contemporary architectural space at a time. Of course this structure installation can be accessed easily and freely not only by local travelers but also the foreigners.



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