4 Breathtaking Pictures of Glass-Bottom Sky Pool in London

Only a few people now know that there is a glass-bottom sky pool in London that is under construction. What is a sky pool anyway? Well, a sky pool in this case is 115 feet above the ground swimming pool that actually connects two building. Yes, this sky pool is about to become real in 2018. It is connecting two apartment buildings in London and the pool has glass bottom so that when you swim in the swimming pool, it looks like you fly above the ground.

Take a look at these stunning pictures of glass-bottom sky pool in London to understand more about it. These pictures are absolutely breathtaking and they are showing the real deal of how beautiful the sky pool is going to be.

This sky pool is the first one ever in London and probably in the world. The basic explanation of this sky pool is that this pool is going to let you swim 115 feet above the soil of London. Yes, you can just float away in Londonโ€™s air by swimming in this sky pool. The swimming pool is going to be made entirely from glass.

However, you do not need to worry about the safety anyway because the glass that is used to make the pool is high quality materials and the glass is approximately 20 cm thick. So, it is very safe. The pool is going to be a major entertainment source in London where you can go sightseeing and swimming at the same time.

The swimming pool is going to be hanging 10 stories from the ground. The size of the swimming pool itself is quite massive actually. It is a 25 x 5 x 3 meters swimming pool. You can have a good time in this sky pool for sure. As you can see in the picture, this sky pool is going to be a kind of bridge to connect the buildings of two apartment. The apartment buildings are located in Nine Elmโ€™s district in London. The apartment buildings along with the sky pool is scheduled to be done in 2018. By then, the apartment is predicted to be fully booked and people will standing in lines waiting to try the sky pool.

The apartment building along with the sky pool is under construction and the constructor in charge is the Ballymore Group. The CEO of the Ballymore Group, Sean Mulryan stated that his vision about the sky pool was to push the boundaries. He wanted to prove that construction and engineering could blend together that well. He wanted to see the limit and for him the sky was probably the limit. In addition, he wanted to make a breakthrough. He wanted to create something that has never been existed before. A floating swimming pool acting like a bridge 115 above the ground is indeed something we have never seen before anywhere in the world.

Indeed, the sky pool has transparent structure that makes it unique. People can just swim in it and they will float in the sky. When the sky pool is done and ready to be opened for public, the Ballymore Group believes that this kind of pool is going to be a massive hit. It shows an advanced technology and sophistication. The sensation of using the pool to float in the central air of London is going to be a sort of experience no one has ever had before. This is going to be a new tourist attractions in London for sure.

Without any doubt, that sky pool is about to be one of the most attractive swimming pool in London, or probably in the world. That is why for the rich, owning an apartment where the swimming pool is located is probably necessary.

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