You Can Have a Prefabricated Eco-friendly Modular Hobbit House in Just 3 Days

When J.R.R. Tolkien made Lord of the Rings books, people have wondered what the Hobbit house would like in reality, and ever since the movies came out, people then have changed their thinking. Now they are thinking what it is like to live in a Hobbit house. It seems Green Magic Homes know what inside people’s mind since this company offer concepts of Prefabricated Eco-friendly Modular Hobbit House for those who want to make their dream living in a hobbit house come true.

Green Magic Homes is a company which is based on Florida, USA. They created prefabricated modular building system which can be matched to the requirements from buyers. The system is easy to install even for those who do not have special skills in building a house and who do not have heavy equipment.

Prefabricated Eco-friendly Modular Hobbit House

The modular structures are made from special materials called Fiber-reinforced Polymer (FRP) which come from Green Magic Homes’ factory in Cancun, Mexico. The technology from this company allows buyers to adjust the modular structures to any types of topography. It also allows buyers to mix and match the modular structure as their wish.

The Green Magic Homes package only consists of the modules, the exterior structures, which can be installed easily like you assemble the sections of waterslide and the like. The technical installations such as sewage, plumbing and gas would be installed through the foundation just like the ordinary houses.

The ventilation ducts, electrical wiring, air conditioner and heating system can be incorporated into the modules and can be installed wherever need as long as they are specified with the modules. You may need a professional such as architect or contractor to help you with technical installations.

Prefabricated Modular House

The company include exterior door and windows if buyers wish. The house have some kind of arches protruding from the side, so that the arch can protect the door and windows from soils, rain, and weather. The house can withstand to strong winds, snow load, and the earthquake up to 8.5 Richter scale. For those who are worried if the house will survive under extreme weather, they can coat the house with a thick layer of insulating foam or with reinforced concrete. That way the house can withstand to heavy snow load and thicker soils on the roof. The company will assess the case and will send the design plans and manual instructions along the modules.

Green Magic Homes offers various types of Prefabricated Eco-friendly Modular Hobbit House. The requiring times for assembling and sealing the modules may be different from one type to the others. It depends on the size and the complexity of the house. The most basic house with 1 bedroom can be assembled in just 3 days with 3 people working together, and the 3-bedroom house can be assembled in 5-6 days.

Prefabricated Modular House

The price for the Prefabricated Eco-friendly Modular Hobbit House is approximately $41.74 per square foot, but the cost doesn’t include the cost for the soil and the vegetation. The company think that the house would be lovely if they have been planted with native vegetation and used native soil. Therefore they only include manual instructions in the package.

Buyers can plant their chosen vegetation based on the instructions. If buyers want to expand their house for new rooms and space, they should mention it from the beginning, so that the company can send the buyers the design plans, the appropriate parts, and the instruction how to expand the house. For Hobbit house with only one bedroom, the buyers may have to spend around $15,000. For 4-bedroom Hobbit house, the buyers may need money around $70,000.

Eco-friendly Modular House

For those who live in Indonesia especially in the areas of Jababeka, Suryacipta, and KIIC, you can contact Nikifour for asking an advice whether you can build the Hobbit house in your area or not. Nikifour is the best contractors in Jababeka and surrounding areas. They will be happy to help you checking the area and giving you advice what you should do.

For job like assembling this Prefabricated Eco-friendly Modular Hobbit House, Nikifour is more than qualified to do the job. If you wish, they can help you installing the internal walls or installing insulated foam layer as well as reinforced concrete for your Hobbit house reinforcement.



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