Several Steps and Pics About How to Make Your Own Hobbit House

Do you want to build your own Hobbit house? Here are several steps and pics about how to make your own Hobbit house. You can built your hobbit house for unique house and minimalist, the hobbit house can be built with considering the maximum use for the environment and make you the reason to live closer with the nature, yu can create your own jungle with make the forest park. This is unique and interesting idea. But, only certain peoples who like hobbit house for living.

This is because they think that built house in difficult and takes more costs. But you should notice that you can get building the house in your backyard. If you are not the expert, you should considering the experts who will help you to make your own.

This can be your fresh idea when you bored with the city lives and there is no enough cost to buy the apartment or house. This is also become your alternative way for your cheaper house. You can follow these instruction bellow about how to built the hobbit home that become famous since released “The Lord of the Rings”.

How to Make Your Own Hobbit House

As we knew tat hobbit house had been cover with the green plants and used for fairy house. However, this building will hard enough and takes several times. The big advantages from this house are you do not pay for rent, power, water and gas.

There are several key points for design and the constructions:

  1. You can dig the area in your backyard.
  2. The stone and mud from digging process can be used for retaining walls or foundations.
  3. You can use the oak woods for the materials.
  4. Using the straw bales for your floor
  5. You can use the plastic layers or using the mud or grass for your roof.
  6. Woodburner for your heat.
  7. Roof water to collect the waters.
  8. Provide the chainsaw, hammer, 1inche of chisel.
  9. You also need the professional carpenters who help you for building the hobbit house in your backyard. Remember that basic skill is the main point.

Here some steps how to make your hobbit home in your backyard.

Some experts said that building hobbit house is need the special basic skills and the available of heavy equipment.

The first is making the load bearing in the roof to create the mow-able effects after planted the grass. But before that you need to start with the plot selection in your backyard. Choosing the best spot that suit with the foundation and ideal locations.

How to Make Hobbit House

Little house on the ground

Next step is need to waterproofing in every spots from your hobbit house. You also need to decide the size from your hobbit house. You can start to build foundation after decide the size and make it always waterproof for your convenience.  Make your building the hobbit house in your backyard becomes you comfort house as well. in the top contraction you can use the grass or clay that will be waterproofing and add some unique esthetic.

Pics about Hobbit Home

Then you can take the interior slowly. The walls need to build with the stone, clay and straw. This is also make the interior look unique and friendly environment and similar with the house.

Interior of hobbit home Ashley Yates

Do not forget to give the ventilation for the main points

Lord of the ring house

Then this is your building the hobbit house in your backyard

Lord of the ring house

There are some main features

The hobbit home also becomes the same from the nature minimum effects and closer lives with the nature. The type of construction gives the harmony with the nature. You can spend your time with your family or as the relaxation place. You only need the lower costs for maintenance and security.

There are several main features from the main hobbit house construction:

  1. You need the materials which “nature gifts” such as: tree, stone and straw.
  2. The size is depend on your priority and how much the building able to hold.
  3. You can use the solar cell for electrical which enough to run your television or computer.
  4. You can use the underground from natural cellar for your fridge. You need dig deeper.
  5. You need some transparent roof to make the solar able lighten your hobbit house during the day.
  6. Add the fireplace.

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