7 Failed Architectural Design by Well-Known Architects

Here are 7 Failed Architectural Designs by Well-Known Architects. The building designed by the famous architects should be a great masterpiece and that is why people want to spend a lot of money for paying the architect. However, even the famous architects can also make failed building. Below are the examples which could be found. If people do not want to make the same mistake, Nikifour will be the contractor they are looking for in Karawang, Indonesia.

7 Failed Architectural Designs

1. Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright

Failed Architectural Design

Frank Lloyd Wright designed a masterpiece which can be mentioned as the fantasy home. It was a big experiment for pushing the boundaries of the technology as well as building method which can be found at that time. The design created stunning residence which is cantilevered over the waterfall. However, mold became huge problem which must be faced. It got very bad not only the fungal growth but also the excess humidity. It was not the only primary problem because there was also structure problem which appeared even before the building was completed. Failed Architectural Designs.

2. Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia Opera House by Santiago Calatrava

Failed Architectural DesignFailed Architectural Design

The design by Santiago Calatrava is well known for the sweeping look like a bird. It seems like the building can fly right away. His signature style can also be found at Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia Opera House located in Valencia, Spain. The opera house was impressive until some problems appeared such as the collapsed the main stage platform which can be found in the largest gall. More problems can be found including the floodwater with seven feet depth which destroyed the electronic equipment located in the building lower levels. Much bigger problem can be found from the falling mosaic roof. Failed Architectural Designs.

3. Strata Center by Frank Gehry

Failed Architectural Design Failed Architectural Design

This building can be found in Massachusetts Institue of Technology and it becomes the house for Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. It was designed by Frank Gehry so it came with the sharp angles as well as mélange of the metallic finish. However, there were some problems appeared according to the MIT administrators. The leak can be found in the structure while the crack can be found from the masonry. Developing mold can be found and there was also backed up drainage. The emergency exits were blocked by the debris and falling ice again and again. Failed Architectural Designs.

4. Guangzhou Opera Center by Zaha Hadid

Failed Architectural Design

Guangzhou Opera Center which was designed by Zaha Hadid got the praise as the most beautiful performing arts venue which can be found in the world. It has the futuristic design of twin boulder located on the Pearl River edge. There were more great things which can be found from the building. However, problems appeared after a year from the public opening. Falling glass could be found. There were also cracks will large size in the ceiling and the wall. Serious leaks problem can be found. The problem mainly came from the contractors that cannot fulfill the architect’s vision. Failed Architectural Design.

5. Westside Center by Libeskind in Bern, Switzerland

Westside Center by Libeskind in Bern, Switzerland

The collapsed roof could be found twice since the building was completed in 2008. Three people were injured due to the second failure. Gypsum board ceiling as well s insulation with 100 square meters size over the indoor swimming pool fell as well. More parts were damaged due to the roof collapse. The failures were contradictive from the main purpose of the building that should be exciting gateway to Bern. Failed Architectural Design.

6. Milstein Hall by Rem Koolhaas

Milstein Hall by Rem Koolhaas

This building has two cantilevers with dramatic design, glass which could be found from the floor to ceiling, and green roof completed with 41 skylights. It has sharp contrast with the surroundings which are more historical. However, there were some flaws of the building written by Ochshorn. The failures including the details which are dysfunctional or sloppy were explained. Details which are dangerous can also be found besides the cracks, concerns of fire safety as well as maintenance problems.

7. Harmon Hotel by Normal Foster

Fails: Harmon Hotel by Normal Foster

This should be the luxury hotel which had purpose for appealing the high rollers of Las Vegas. However, there were problems which could be found from the start. Structural defects could be found and this was the reason why the construction on the structure was halted. That is why the building was not opened for business since then.

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