4 Interesting Facts about Falcon Shaped Airport in Turkmenistan

Here are 4 interesting facts about falcon shaped airport in Turkmenistan. If you want to know the most unique airport, you have to see the falcon shaped airport in Turkmenistan. Just like the shape of the airport, you will see a falcon especially if you see it above the sky. Try to take the picture by using drone and you will know where the falcon is. So, let’s talk a little bit about the fact of this falcon shaped airport in Turkmenistan.

1. The Amazing Cost to Build Falcon Shape

Absolutely, this airport is considered as one of coolest airport in the world. There is no other airport which designed the roof just like a soar falcon. To publish this unique and luxury airport, Turkmenistan has to spend up to $2.3 billion. It s a fantastic cost for an airport but you can see the result, right? By opening this airport, Turkmenistan can serve up to 1600 passengers per hour although in fact the passenger is below the target.

Facts about Falcon Shaped Airport in Turkmenistan

The latest data stated that this falcon shaped airport only serves 105.000 tourists in 2015 or only 12 per hour. Interestingly, the cost of this airport is taken from their natural gas income per year. In fact, this country produces around 70 billion cubic meters. This airport is located in the capital of Ashgabat.

2. Serve More Passengers

As an international airport, this airport is built based on international standard. Because of that, it serves more passengers whether domestic tourists or foreign tourists. In specific, this falcon-like airport can serve up to 17 million passengers a year. Moreover, the freight terminal is ready to handle up to 2.000 tons of freight per year.

Facts about Falcon Shaped Airport in Turkmenistan

3. The Features of Falcon Shaped Airport

It is really an extraordinary international airport. Just imagine that there is 5th floor under the giant falcon. For your information, the use of falcon as the roof of the airport is not without any reason. Falcon is the symbol of the Central Asia state carrier Turkmenistan airlines.

Facts about Falcon Shaped Airport in Turkmenistan

This airport was built by Turkish construction company namely Polimeks after winning the $2 million contract in 2013. It seems the cost will be increased by the time the airport is ready. It is predicted that the total cost to build this airport completely is around $2.35 billion.

4. The Reason behind Falcon Shaped Airport Project 

There is a big possibility that this falcon-like airport is built to improve the infrastructure as well as to welcome Asian Indoor and Martial Art Games in 2017. Ashgabat will be the host of this prestigious event. The low passenger rate which uses their flight becomes the problem and most experts are criticized it. They said that this airport is too large than the international standard. Seeing the image of falcon shaped airport it seems that this airport will be similar to the eye catching airport in New York.

Facts about Falcon Shaped Airport in Turkmenistan

In fact, New York has an iconic airport known as Eero Saarinen TWA Terminal. Whether airport in New York or Turkmenistan, both of them are considered as an airport with the most beautiful airport terminal. It hopes that the outstanding design can boost the passengers to come to Turkmenistan and use the airport. One thing to consider is about the way to get a visa. In fact, one of the causes why this luxury airport has low passenger rate is because they are difficult to get visa.

If people can easily go to Turkmenistan, they will enjoy the greatest buildings there. For your information, falcon shaped airport in Turkmenistan is not the only great building in country. At least, Turkmenistan has two more great buildings. Those are a publishing house and two giant golden statues. The design of publishing house is look like an open book and the gold material makes the giant statues special and worth to see.

It seems that other countries need to follow this great action. As the result, the airport is not only a transit place for passengers who want to visit or go outside Turkmenistan, more than that it becomes an interesting attraction. It is possible for you to build such kind of iconic building in Indonesia. If you really interested on build an iconic building, you can just call Nikifour. Nikifour is ready to handle your building renovation so you can have an iconic building similar to falcon shaped airport in Turkmenistan.






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