4 Benefits of Using Virtual Reality in Architecture

4 benefits of using virtual reality in architecture. In this high tech era, high tech gadget becomes the solution for daily activities. This is including for architecture. Just imagine if you want to design a house, you just need to use specific gadget to get the right design. One of latest gadgets which support architecture is virtual reality.

Benefits Using virtual reality in architecture

The idea is showing the design of the house virtually. So, why do architects need to use virtual reality to support their works?

1. Virtual Reality Gives More Benefits

After released in 1968, virtual reality is improved significantly. One of the benefits for architecture is because virtual reality gives better overview. The technology allows you to see the image of your design in high resolution. As the result, the image looks real so you can discuss every single detail of the design clearly. The best part is that you are done it virtually. Of course, it is low cost way instead of using the traditional method. Low cost is the next benefit. Nowadays, the cost of virtual reality is affordable especially if you feel the benefits for your architecture projects. Because of those benefits, VR for architectural visualization is used by several countries. Those are including Europe and United States. The users will be increased in 2017.

2. Virtual Reality Gives Better View

The reason of using virtual reality is that whether the constructor or the clients get the best view of the design. It seems that they are entering the building but it is not. In specific, virtual reality can be used to scale the room. Even, you are able to walk through the space to explore the design. It is also about the easiness to safe the data you need most. You can safe the important data automatically so you don’t have to get any complaint because you forgot to do their request. Everything will be faster and easier for both. It is not only for the constructor or client Virtual Reality is also useful for the workers especially if they have to do learn something new.

3. Virtual Reality is Close to Reality

This is the best benefit of using virtual reality in architecture. So, how real the image you see in virtual reality? Surprisingly, it is really close to real condition. It is not only about seeing the wall, kitchen area, and any kind of area but more than that you can feel the fresh air from the windows. Even, you can enjoy the sound of birds. It is really perfect for presentation. The more clients feel the real atmosphere, they can decide faster whether they want to take the design or not. At the same time, you can also more confident to explain about what you want to offer to the client. The process will be faster and simpler. Thanks to the BIM software. This software allows you to get stereo 360 panoramic images and it is the same although you and your client use different virtual reality.

4. Virtual Reality is the Most Fun Way

If you want to work just like if you play, you can take virtual reality. By the time you wear this virtual reality, it seems that you are entering a new world outside your real world. Then, you can start to play there such as designing, drawing, and anything else. You don’t have to be an expert to wear virtual reality. As long as you know the program, you can use it to support your architecture works. Dealing with this technology, some architecture firms have been supported themselves with Autodesk Live and Stingray platforms. These platforms help them to use virtual reality as easy as play their favorite game.

Now, you know that it is very important to develop not only your skill but also the technology. Virtual Reality seems to be the best answer in the future. The challenge is to make sure the people that the result will be the same. For those who want to get the same idea and experience in designing a house or building or are you business owner in Jakarta and you need specialist to help you designing your building with the latest technology? Just call Nikifour and we are ready to help you to maintain your building. Nikifour is the best contractor in Indonesia and they know what you need.

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