4 Beauties of Giant 16th Century Colossus Sculpture in Italy

Here are 4 Beauties of Giant 16th Century Colossus Sculpture in Italy. Have you ever visited Florence, Italy? This area is very beautiful and unique saving some artistic arts. When you arrived in Florence, try to step seven miles to the north. Then, you will find huge wealth from Renaissance famously known to be Colosso dell ‘ Appennino or Appennine Colossus. What is it? It is a 35 – feet huge sculpture found in Villa Demidoff and built in 16th century of Italian sculptor. It offers wonderful beauties for everyone seeing it.

Having Hidden Rooms

Giant 16th century colossus sculpture is a kind of historical building. This sculpture is very epic. This is a half of human and a half of mountain built in 1500 by a famous Italian sculptor, Giambologna. This is a symbol of Appenine Mountain in Italy. This mountain god is namely Appennino standing 35 feet on the ground of Villa in Pratolino in Tuscany. It feels rough and messy.

Beauties of Giant 16th Century Colossus Sculpture in Italy

But, this sculpture hides beautiful secret and interior with hidden rooms having different functions making this sculpture look alive. This huge giant sculpture holds water spreading it to the under river. This is reported to the room on the head for making a fireplace when it flames. It is blowing the smoke from the hole of nose. The park where the giant sculpture stands is Villa Demidoff. This will be opened on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday starting from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm.

Beauties of Giant 16th Century Colossus Sculpture in Italy

Standing 35 Feet Tall Beautifully

When you firstly see this sculpture, you will see that it looks huge and tall. This huge sculpture forms like a human with long beard. The hand of the sculpture touches the ground with head bowing. It has a sad face. The sculpture stands 35 feet tall beautifully near to the pond. You can make it to be an object of photos or background of photography. It is really great and gorgeous.

Beauties of Giant 16th Century Colossus Sculpture in Italy

Offering High Artistic Values

Appennine Colossus sculpture was carved by Giambologna in 1579 in Villa Medici Pratolino, Italy. This sculpture is built on the request of Grand Duke Fransesco I de Medici who want to meet mistress. This colossal sculpture is very great and huge. It involves water fountain, water pipe, and caves. The carving details of this sculpture are very amazing and unique. It was carved in details regarding to the request of the Duke.

Beauties of Giant 16th Century Colossus Sculpture in Italy

That is why it offers high artistic values to people seeing it. All parts of this sculpture show Colossus interior details. It is used to make the other bronze sculptures in Italy. Bricks and big stones are the main materials to create this giant sculpture so that it becomes a perfect place for that giant. The giant sculpture shows the bond between human and nature.

Offering the Deep Meaning through Its Caves

As you want to visit this place, surely you must have a plan to explore the depth of this sculpture. You can get deep meaning when you are exploring its caves. It looks dark and deep. The Italian sculptor may build Colossus sculpture for certain purposes. Though it looks scary, but it is a nice spot to do some artistic activities.

Beauties of Giant 16th Century Colossus Sculpture in Italy

You can paint the paintings in the caves to gain deep situation. This sculpture is the hugest artwork in the world. Unfortunately, it is not famously known by many people.

Though it is less popular, it saves its unique details and impressions. Colossus sculpture has hidden rooms, caves, and alleys. Even, it has hydraulic system connecting to the head of human giant for water source in the body. Water fountain flowing will drop water. It sounds great making you get interested in getting to close.

Beauties of Giant 16th Century Colossus Sculpture in Italy

This sculpture looks like keeping pond in the front of it and caves in the stomach. Heavy beard with stalactite makes it look scary and deep. With that pose, it conveys certain meanings. But, colossus is not only a sculpture but it is a building. You can find rooms and spaces in the body of huge sculpture.

Beauties of Giant 16th Century Colossus Sculpture in Italy

Even, you can find fireplace on the head when it blazes fire and smokes from the nose. A deeply special space can assist you to hold a small orchestra playing music for visitors visiting the site. Do you want to have that sculpture in Karawang, Jakarta, Jabadeka? You require a building contractor and maintenance. We are the best choice because we are the specialist of building constructor and maintenance, Nikifour, Call us now.


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