3 Best Architects of Electricity Pylons to Build

Posted by purnosidi
on 18/01/2017

Electricity pylons in all over the world are mostly boring. It just stands straight without artistic impression. Meanwhile, if it is designed beautifully, it can increase a beautiful look and view for everyone. The electricity pylons are actually not an electricity support but it is able to take esthetic values to give nice scenery. You may build electricity pylons as follows.

1. Human Statues Choi Shine

Most of the vendors build electricity pylons in the countryside or hidden areas in order to prevent some side effects of those pylons. The pylons usually have voltage more than 500 KV aimed at transferring electricity energy from the center of electricity directing to the voltage. It makes the energy transferred efficiently. From the result of the study, electricity pylons can influence health of the people with electromagnetic source. Though it can influence your health, you should do some anticipating activities to prevent the side effects of electricity pylons.

Best Architects of Electricity Pylons to Build
Best Architects of Electricity Pylons to Build

You can’t activate boring electricity pylons to build in the surrounding. You need to find a brilliant alternative pylon to attract one’s attention. You can establish Iceland’s human statue of electricity pylons. What is it? It is an electricity pylon formed to be giant human standing strongly in the middle of field or opened landscape.

This electricity pylon was initially made by Dainius Choi who wants to change the structures of utility built on Land of Giants. Finally, this idea was approved in 2008 in which he saw a nice human statue of electricity pylons in Iceland countryside. From this inspiration, it makes Choi develop the other shapes of human statue electricity pylons.

2. Easter Statue Electricity Pylons

Why is electricity energy transferred in high voltage? The electricity with high voltage can light wider and larger areas to have the distribution of electricity. When you want to get the electricity distribution in high voltage, it requires the use of electricity pylons. The pylons become media to hang on the electricity cables to a certain spot to the others. As it is sent through channel, most of electricity energy gets blended into hot energy. The lost electricity energy can influence the voltage of surrounding area. That is why it requires setting low setting.

Best Architects of Electricity Pylons to Build
Best Architects of Electricity Pylons to Build

Building electricity pylons should not do randomly. It must be planned seriously in which it is designed and planned properly. You can get the inspirations of some other beautiful electricity pylons. The beautiful pylons can decorate opened landscape. You may choose an Easter statue shape of electricity pylons if you become a constructor.

Modern pillars can take a calm construction and great landscape to take electricity in all conditions and terrains, any weather, and time. This is not only useful for distributing electricity energy to one’s residence, but it also increases the esthetic values so that it makes the surrounding scenery looks more beautiful and attractive.

3. Praying Human Statue of Electricity Pylons

Electricity pylons have influences to some sides. It has a direct effect to birds in which they cannot fly safely around the cables of electricity pylons. It is caused that the voltage and energy are higher than the surrounding cables where they stands. Though it has bad effects to the birds, it also influences the life of human. It is claimed that it can impact health to the human.

The impacts of radiation are often discussed to affect the health. Moreover, it has the other side effects to the human like fallen electricity pylons, and trouble pylons. Though it seems to be scary, we still require it to transfer the daily needs of electricity. It is able to support the electricity needs in residences around the areas.

Best Architects of Electricity Pylons to Build
Best Architects of Electricity Pylons to Build

To make the installation of the electricity pylons look good, you can choose a nice design of electricity pylons. You can also add radiation reduction to decrease radiation. With a nice design, it makes the people impressed to that look. One of the electricity pylon designs is praying human statue. The design provides a human statue liking praying with two hands up. It looks attractively as it is built in opened area because everyone can see it from distance.

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