This is a do it yourself garage floor where the home owner painted it themselves.  It has now been flaking after two to three years and and needs a new floor coating.  They’ve now opted for epoxy floor coating from Storage by Design.  The process involves grinding away the paint and chemical residue in preparation for the epoxy coating.

Then the cracks and imperfections in the concrete are repaired and then the chips are laid.  The next day the chips are scrapped to create a smooth surface for the top epoxy coating. If you’ve been considering a new flooring solution for your garage, an epoxy floor coating is a great long-term and cost-effective solution.  Since it lasts a lifetime, you won’t ever have to etch, grind or paint it again.

The two-phase process involved in providing this resilient garage flooring is to grind away any existing paint or any imperfections. These industrial strength machines are dust-free.  Then we fill in any divots or cracks or cracks in the concrete left over from salt residue or shifts in the foundation.  Afterwards, the VOC complaint base epoxy coat is applied followed by the flakes in the colors you’ve pre-selected.

We then allow this application to cure so it can create a superior bond to your concrete so it doesn’t delaminate from hot tires in the summer.  We then return for a second visit to scrape off the rough edges of the flakes, clean-up and apply the final coat of epoxy which will have some low gloss luster and slip resistance.

Metallic Marble Epoxy Flooring

The epoxy floor coating is salt, grass and oil stain resistant.  All you do is simply wipe or squeegee these stains away so you’ll have a polished and professional floor for a lifetime.

If you’re a car buff, we can even in lay a custom logo of your choice to personalize your man cave.  Maintaining your new floor is important.  Please be mindful that if something is heavy or sharp enough, it will gouge the coating.  We do provide you with a one-year warranty against any manufacturers defects and a workmanship warranty of five years for your peace of mind.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Since we rarely ever hear that people have enough storage space in their garage, we also offer industrial quality storage solutions for your garage tools, equipment and accessories.


We take advantage of the vertical storage opportunities using slat walls, grid walls and overhead shelving for your off-season totes and boxes. Epoxy Floor Coating from Storage by Design.

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