8 Top Handy AutoCAD Commands You Need to Remember

8 Top Handy AutoCAD Commands You Need to Remember. Spending long period time to do the project with AutoCAD might be interesting and complicating at once. Thatโ€™s why many people like to have their own preferred commands which help them to come with the steps easier. Even though this set of practical commands are pretty beneficial, not all of people remember them all and tend to overlook them.

If you are considered the one which use this AutoCAD program in your daily work but still do not know about the commands which are helpful for your works.

8 Top Handy AutoCAD Commands

These are a number of top handy AutoCAD commands which are able to help you to accelerate any work, find new shortcuts, or handy tool that can ease your task when using AutoCAD.


This is the main command in AutoCAD to load and unload applications as well as describes which applications to load when start AutoCAD program.

Top Handy AutoCAD Commands

The Startup Suite option loads to certain types of applications any time the program is opened. With this command you are able to drag the files form the files and from other application with dragging capabilities. This program is beneficial when the AutoCAD and your computer cannot collaborate well.


This command will calculate the area and perimeter of a defined object or surface which you already chose by vertex, based on the metrics units shown in settings. You can get the measurement by choosing the object or by identifying points in order to determine which you would like to measure. You are able to measure the arbitrary closed region determined by the points you already identify. You also measure the bounded area, perimeter, or boundary of wide array of shapes such as circles, ellipses, polygons, and even 3D solids. The area and perimeter of defined object will be shown at the Command prompt as well as in the tooltip. If you would to measure certain type of area enclosed by a number of objects, you had better to use BOUNDARY command prior to AREA command. By using the BOUNDARY, you can select appoint inside the area in order to make a closed polyline.


Background command is used to opt for a background image to be applied in the working area. There are types of background which can be used in the AutoCAD work space.ย  It includes a single colour or solid, a gradual colour or gradient, or an image which can be taken from the picture file you save in the computer folder. This command is useful to determine the type, colour, effects, and position of the background as well. When the background dialog opens, you can manage the background configurations based on the options given in the dialog box.


This command helps the used to create a bitmap image which commonly comes with (.bmp) format after you choose a set of objects, surfaces, or regions. When the Create Raster File dialog box is shown, you need to enter the file name into the dialog box. Then, a bitmap file which includes the objects you choose is made. The file replicates what is shown on the screen.


Box command will be really helpful to make a 3D box as well as determine the height, width and depth of other 3D shapes. When you want to create a box, you commonly need to begin the work bay making the first corner and followed by the opposite corner as well as the base of the box itself.


This command is used to explode any block or object but its attributes remains complete after get exploded. It also converts the attribute value into text objects. The exploded attributes are defined to be the original layer and style of attribute definition. This command is pretty recommended for those who work with AutoCAD program.


Chspace command will help the user to move the objects from the layout to the model or the opposite. On the layout, the chosen objects will be transferred into model space and paper space. The most interesting is that those objects will be scaled automatically in the new space.


This command is to close the entire open AutoCAD windows. If you already make any change on the file and you have not save it, a message box will appear and ask you to save the change first before closing them.

Top Handy AutoCAD Commands

Different with quit common quit command, Closeall command will bring you to the start page again. If you want to create the best design of building using those top handy AutoCAD commands, Nikifour is best contractor in Indonesia, especially in KIIC, Suryacipta, Jababeka.


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