7 Inspirations of Fairy-Tale-Liked Architecture from Norway

7 inspirations of fairy-tale-liked architecture from Norway. When thinking about Norway, then our mind will wonder fjords and its beautiful landscape. We rarely think about its architecture. However, this country offers inspirations of unique architecture that you never imagine. There are a number of pictures taken from Norwegian countryside which seems to be the fairy tale world.

The architectural styles inspired by the Norway comes in wide variety of model started from stave churches established in the medieval times into spectral natural waterfalls and traditional wooden huts in the Norwegian local style built in the 19th century. For those who like to include the fairy take look of Norwegian architecture, some of these below perhaps can inspire you.

1. Borgund Stave Church

This fabulous stave church perhaps will suddenly immerse you to the world of Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings when you see it at a glance. The unique design of Norwegian medieval times which is served in wooden building with unique roof with seems like a dragon offers great inspiration for any fairy tale architectural model.

Inspirations of fairy-tale-liked architecture from Norway

Even though this stave does not serve it church functions again, every inch of this building still becomes the inspiration of old-looked structure. Besides, it is categorized as triple nave church and also called as sogn-type which offers its own unique look compared with other stave churches.

2. Barn in Valldal

Looking for other idea to create fairy tale structure, perhaps Barn in Valldal provides great picture for it. This old barn complete with its curvy green path seems like you are in the countryside of fairy tale world where the Princess in live.

Inspirations of fairy-tale-liked architecture from Norway

The patch connects the second floor of the barn to the main road so that farmer can bring the crop to the barn. The characteristic of the barn in Valldal is actually comes with stone material that also come with small tunnel in some parts. This can be great inspiration when building summer lodge.

3. Bridge Over Latefossen Waterfall

The bridge lay over the Latefossen Waterfall also looks like the structure you find in fairy tale world. This bridge expands over the middle of waterfall stream which its surrounding beautified with the green mountains.

Inspirations of fairy-tale-liked architecture from Norway

The combination of landscape and strong brick bridge with stunning natural landscape provide great inspiration for you on how to create great building which is not only match well with natural surrounding and stand durably with the nature condition.

4. Ancient Road Vindhellavegen

The natural scenery of Norway is truly unparalleled. This can be seen of from it natural constructions which can be easily found in the countryside. One of the unique architectures to look is ancient road Vindhellavegen.

Inspirations of fairy-tale-liked architecture from Norway

This road is completely beautiful since lays between mountains. It comes in a curvy path with the combination of stone and wood on both sides and lay in the middle of mountain ranges. This traditional architecture and green view on its surrounding perhaps become one the sceneries that you ever dream of. Inspirations of fairy-tale-liked architecture from Norway.

5. Rennd lsetra

Traditional house found in the Norwegian countryside like Renndlsetra also offer great architecture that you rarely found these days. This countryside is famous with its old home which the roof is buried with plants and grass. It seems that the owners of the house make the design of the house so that it can be grown by the natural grass easily.

Inspirations of fairy-tale-liked architecture from Norway

The house also comes in small and short dimension so that it looks like the huts where the dwarfs lived in Snow White’s story. Whenever you are looking for idea of small house which looks fun and unique, you can use this as the idea. Inspirations of fairy-tale-liked architecture from Norway.

6. Fairy House in Hunderfossen, Lillehammer

When previously we comes with small and old Norwegian house designs, it is the time to take inspirations from more magnificent house design that can be found on Norway. Besides wide array of traditional houses which look like the houses in the Hobbit Story, you also can beautiful grand house in the north.

One of the inspirations can be taken from Fairy House in Hunderfossen, Lillehammer. Even though the house is dominantly made by wooden material but it looks like the replica of fantasy castle you commonly see in fairy tale.

Those ideas perhaps can inspire you when you want to build house or other architectures. However, if you are looking for contractor to remake your home in Jababeka, you call us in (0267) 8401-784 or (0267) 863-2104. Inspirations of fairy-tale-liked architecture from Norway.

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