18 Architects’ Weird Habits That They Don’t Realize Have It

Architects’ Weird Habits

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Habit is an action that we do it repeatedly over and over again and often. Sometimes we don’t realize that we have this habit until someone comes to us and points out our habits. When we spend long times on the particular job, there are chances we pick up some weird habits related to that job. There are no jobs that can be immune to weird habits including architect. In fact, some famous architects in the world became the legend because of their strange habits. Though we are not famous like them, we still have risk to get architects’ weird habits. These are 18 weird habits that can make you say “Oh my God, that is me!”

Architects’ Weird Habits

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1. Spending most of your day only to search the right font

Most people expect us to create something perfect in our design. Of course, as an architect, we cannot deny their expectation. So, spending five or six hours is quite reasonable to search the right font for our next presentation.

2. Nothing is done even though you spend hours in the office or studio

The office or studio is like a black hole where times and lights are not exist. We even don’t know what makes nothing done though we had spent hours and feel tired at the end of the day.

3. Make travel itineraries to see buildings

Each time you have plan to go to new cities, you find yourself sitting on the desk making an itinerary what buildings you should see in the city, and calculate the itinerary very carefully so that you won’t miss any building.

4. Always feeling that you should have a coffee break, like right now

Most people don’t know that being an architect is hard, so we deserve a coffee break few times a day.

Architects’ Weird Habits

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5. Always feeling up the walls, floors, and columns

A non-architect person would always find you touching gently the walls, floors, and columns.

6. Every five minutes you lose metal ruler

Our metal ruler can magically disappear every five minutes and right when we need it.

7. Every two minutes you lose scale ruler

The same case happened with our scale ruler, but it disappears more often than the metal ruler.

8. Get excited when you see nice handrails

You don’t realize you have architects’ weird habits till you get excited every time you see nice handrails.

9. There is no a pen that is too expensive

A 30 dollar-pen or more is just your regular buying.

10. Thinking that non-architect have less taste than you are

You always have a thinking that the average people have less taste compared to your taste.

11. Always include architectural terms in the conversation

You don’t realize you’re talking in architectural language until your non-architectural friends look at you unsympathetically.

12. Open too many layers in Photoshop

It is because you think one layer is not enough for creating a great design.

13. hanging taste for wardrobe

You don’t realize you have spent too many times in the monochromatic world until you open your wardrobe and find it becomes the monochromatic world too.

14. Give appreciation for a well-designed public toilet

Each time you see a well-designed public toilet, you will give your appreciation to whoever designed it.

15. Spot the thermal bridges in steel buildings

Each time you see steel buildings, you cannot resist the impulse to points out its thermal bridges.

16. Always make the same resolution every year

Every year you always determine to do something different, but in the end your resolution will be failed because of your poor time management.

17. Use famous building as a profile picture background

You have a tendency to include famous building in your profile picture, so that people can see how beautiful the building is and how great you are for having the building as a profile picture background. However, at the end of day you feel disappointed because your non-architect friends don’t get the meaning.

18. Become a starstruck around the buildings

You don’t care what people think about you because you’ve been busy staring the buildings in a loving way.

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