20 Contoh Rumah Beton yang Menyelaraskan Eleganitas dan Kekuatan

Beton adalah konstruksi bangunan yang bisa bertahan sangat lama, selain fleksibel dan tahan terhadap cuaca. Beton juga merupakan jenis konstruksi bangunan yang cerdas, seperti yang […]

10 Bangunan Beton dengan Bentuk Struktur Baru

Ten innovative concrete structures are redefining the material’s aesthetic and structural use in architecture, showcasing versatility far beyond its brutalist past. In Austria, Johannes Wiesflecker designed a school building with a distinctive wrinkled façade. Moon Hoon's dynamic house in Korea stacks concrete volumes asymmetrically for wind flow. The Shui Cultural Center in China by West-Line Studio integrates ethnic patterns into its zig-zag roof design. Toyo Ito’s Baroque Museum in Mexico sports thin, curving concrete walls, while Jorge Urias Studio in Mexico added bold geometric carvings to a commercial building's concrete panels. In Sweden, Chalmers University students created 'The Crack,' a sculptural pavilion with irregular concrete blocks. STPMJ's 'Stratum House' mimics geological layers through varied concrete casting. 'Foro Boca' by Rojkind Arquitectos in Mexico is a monolithic concrete cube echoing its waterfront setting. Hung-Yin Yen's light, looping concrete sculpture in Taipei represents infinity. Lastly, Claudio Hebberecht's 'Deep Cavern Studio' in Spain, with its thin concrete canopy, complements its natural surroundings while offering protective shade.